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Episode Guide

Discover a world of fun with Hands On television!

There are nineteen fun seasons of crafting with Hands On Crafts for Kids. Each program has its own theme. We open in fun locations like Disney World Florida and many of the programs profile kids like you that are using their crafts to help others.

Click on the themes for each series to find out more about the projects. If a project has a “hand print” beside it, that means you can find the project instructions, and supply list for that particular project just by clicking on the “hand print”. Or, go to the Project area for a listing of selected projects from each series. New projects are added each month.

To obtain project instructions for a complete series go to our Book Order area to find out about each book and how to order them.

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Crafts Around
The World

Living Things

Skills For Life
Itty bitty Yellow Hand 1301 Peru
Itty Bitty Blue Hand 1302 Italy
Itty Bitty Green Hand 1303 Canada
Itty Bitty Red Hand 1304 USA
Itty bitty Yellow Hand 1305 Australia
Itty Bitty Blue Hand 1306 Japan
Itty Bitty Green Hand 1307 China
Itty Bitty Red Hand 1308 Russia
Itty bitty Yellow Hand 1309 India
Itty Bitty Blue Hand 1310 Mexico
Itty Bitty Green Hand 1311 Ghana
Itty Bitty Red Hand 1312 Egypt
Itty bitty Yellow Hand 1313 Scotland
Itty bitty Yellow Hand 1201 Birds
Itty Bitty Blue Hand 1202 Amphibians
Itty Bitty Green Hand 1203 Fish
Itty Bitty Red Hand 1204 Mammals
Itty bitty Yellow Hand 1205 Herbivores
Itty Bitty Blue Hand 1206 Carnivores
Itty Bitty Green Hand 1207 Reptiles
Itty Bitty Red Hand 1208 Insects
Itty bitty Yellow Hand 1209 Arachnids
Itty Bitty Blue Hand 1210 Crustaceans
and Mollusks
Itty Bitty Green Hand 1211 Flowers
Itty Bitty Red Hand 1212 Fruits and Vegetables
Itty bitty Yellow Hand 1213 Trees and Bushes
Itty bitty Yellow Hand 1101 Going Green
Itty Bitty Blue Hand 1102 Outdoors
Itty Bitty Green Hand 1103 In the Classroom
Itty Bitty Red Hand 1104 In the Kitchen
Itty bitty Yellow Hand 1105 Your Room
Itty Bitty Blue Hand 1106 On the Road
Itty Bitty Green Hand 1107 At Home
Itty Bitty Red Hand 1108 After School
Itty bitty Yellow Hand 1109 In Math Class
Itty Bitty Blue Hand 1110 With Friends
Itty Bitty Green Hand 1111 On Vacation
Itty Bitty Red Hand 1112 At School
Itty bitty Yellow Hand 1113 Sports

Back to Basics

Cultural Traditions
of the Islands

Itty bitty Yellow Hand 1001 Shapes
Itty Bitty Blue Hand 1002 Patterns
Itty Bitty Green Hand 1003 Calendars

Itty Bitty Red Hand 1004 Weather
Itty bitty Yellow Hand 1005 Art Forms
Itty Bitty Blue Hand 1006 Letters
Itty Bitty Green Hand 1007 Family History
Itty Bitty Red Hand 1008 Time
Itty bitty Yellow Hand 1009 Paper Collage
Itty Bitty Blue Hand 1010 Symmetry
Itty Bitty Green Hand 1011 National Symbols
Itty Bitty Red Hand 1012 Music
Itty bitty Yellow Hand 1013 3 Dimensional Art
Itty bitty Yellow Hand The Bahamas
Itty Bitty Blue Hand The Philippines
Itty Bitty Green Hand Sicily
Itty Bitty Red Hand New Zealand
Itty bitty Yellow Hand Madagascar
Itty Bitty Blue Hand Taiwan
Itty Bitty Green Hand Puerto Rico
Itty Bitty Red Hand Cuba
Itty bitty Yellow Hand Jamaica
Itty Bitty Blue Hand Hispaniola
Itty Bitty Green Hand Tahiti
Itty Bitty Red Hand Japan
Itty bitty Yellow Hand Ireland
Itty bitty Yellow Hand School Days
Itty Bitty Blue Hand Things with Wings
Itty Bitty Green Hand My Room
Itty Bitty Red Hand The Great Outdoors
Itty bitty Yellow Hand Paper - Cards, Tags & Wrapping
Itty Bitty Blue Hand Party Favors
Itty Bitty Green Hand Make It Personal (Girls)
Itty Bitty Red Hand Just for Me (Boys)
Itty bitty Yellow Hand My Room 2
Itty Bitty Blue Hand Scrapbook and Frames
Itty Bitty Green Hand Let It Snow
Itty Bitty Red Hand Wild and Wacky Parties
Itty bitty Yellow Hand Holiday Hang Ups

Crafting in the USA

Hands On Back In Time
Series 5 - Camp Hands On
Camp Hands On
Itty bitty Yellow Hand North East – New England States
Itty Bitty Blue Hand North East – Middle Atlantic States
Itty Bitty Green Hand

South East

Itty Bitty Red Hand Deep South
Itty bitty Yellow Hand Folklore
Itty Bitty Blue Hand Midwest – Great Lakes
Itty Bitty Green Hand Appalachia Region
Itty Bitty Red Hand Midwest- Plains States
Itty bitty Yellow Hand West – Mountain States
Itty Bitty Blue Hand South West
Itty Bitty Green Hand West – Pacific States
Itty Bitty Red Hand Hawaii
Itty bitty Yellow Hand USA - Patriotic Designs
Itty bitty Yellow Hand Ancient Egypt
Itty Bitty Blue Hand Ancient Greece
Itty Bitty Green Hand Ancient Rome
Itty Bitty Red Hand Mayans
Itty bitty Yellow Hand Viking and Explorers
Itty Bitty Blue Hand Japenese Empire
Itty Bitty Green Hand Middle Ages Europe
Itty Bitty Red Hand Renaissance
Itty bitty Yellow Hand Dynasties of China
Itty Bitty Blue Hand Native Americans North America
Itty Bitty Green Hand Colonial America
Itty Bitty Red Hand Industrial Revolution
Itty bitty Yellow Hand 1900's to Present Day - America
Itty bitty Yellow Hand Camp Supplies
Itty Bitty Blue Hand Make New Friends
Itty Bitty Green Hand Take a Hike (Into the Woods!)
Itty Bitty Red Hand Tracking and Folklore
Itty bitty Yellow Hand The Night Sky
Itty Bitty Blue Hand Fun and Games
Itty Bitty Green Hand Around the Campfire
Itty Bitty Red Hand Nature
Itty bitty Yellow Hand Down By the River
Itty Bitty Blue Hand Bugs
Itty Bitty Green Hand Craft Cabin
Itty Bitty Red Hand Camp Memories
Itty bitty Yellow Hand Camp Hands On Cabin
Series 4 - Crafting Around the Earth
Crafting Around
The Earth
Series 3 - Crafting Together
Crafting Together
Series 2 - Crafts Around the World
Crafts Around
The World
Itty bitty Yellow Hand The Outback
Itty Bitty Blue Hand The Rainforest
Itty Bitty Green Hand

Endangered Earth

Itty Bitty Red Hand In the Garden
Itty bitty Yellow Hand In the Desert
Itty Bitty Blue Hand Down On the Farm
Itty Bitty Green Hand In the Beginning
Itty Bitty Red Hand In the Forest
Itty bitty Yellow Hand The Tropics
Itty Bitty Blue Hand At the Beach
Itty Bitty Green Hand The Top and Bottom of the World
Itty Bitty Red Hand Along the Coral Reef
Itty bitty Yellow Hand Mother Earth
Itty bitty Yellow Hand Traditions
Itty Bitty Blue Hand Fall into Crafts
Itty Bitty Green Hand Putting it all Together - Mosaics
Itty Bitty Red Hand Puppetry
Itty bitty Yellow Hand Tis' Better to Give Than Receive
Itty Bitty Blue Hand Spring Forward
Itty Bitty Green Hand Rainy Day Fantasy
Itty Bitty Red Hand Heritage
Itty bitty Yellow Hand Parties
Itty Bitty Blue Hand Magic Potions
Itty Bitty Green Hand Recycled
Itty Bitty Red Hand All Dressed Up
Itty bitty Yellow Hand Cold Weather Crafting
Itty bitty Yellow Hand A Craft Adventure
Itty Bitty Blue Hand China
Itty Bitty Green Hand Africa
Itty Bitty Red Hand U.S.A
Itty bitty Yellow Hand Mexico
Itty Bitty Blue Hand Japan
Itty Bitty Green Hand United Kingdom
Itty Bitty Red Hand Canada
Itty bitty Yellow Hand Australia
Itty Bitty Blue Hand Africa - Animal Kingdom
Itty Bitty Green Hand Egypt, India and Morocco
Itty Bitty Red Hand Italy
Itty bitty Yellow Hand Home Again
Series 1 - Hands On
Hands On
Itty bitty Yellow Hand Bug off - The Insect World
Itty Bitty Blue Hand Back in Time - Colonial America
Itty Bitty Green Hand Tell Me a Story
Itty Bitty Red Hand Spaced Out
Itty bitty Yellow Hand Fly Like the Wind
Itty Bitty Blue Hand Back to Nature
Itty Bitty Green Hand A Very Fishy Show - Oceanography
Itty Bitty Red Hand Over and Over and Over Again - Patterns
Itty bitty Yellow Hand Stamp It!
Itty Bitty Blue Hand The Three Rs - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Itty Bitty Green Hand Native American Culture
Itty Bitty Red Hand Kaleidoscope of Color and Light
Itty bitty Yellow Hand
Lines and Shapes - Under Construction



  Hands on crafts for kids is the resource for kids craft projects and instructions  for kids 7-12 and parents, teachers and other group leaders. It includes   school and curriculum based projects,  multi cultural projects, and every day, holiday and seasonal ideas. It is  the online home of the public television program Hands On Crafts for kids.
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