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Ireland’s is known as the Emerald Isle for its beautiful landscapes. Unlike some of the islands we visited – this is not a tropical climate. The Irish people are of Celtic origin leading to many of its traditions. Farming was the traditional occupation. The country is the second largest of the British Isles, located east of continental Europe. The Celtic style has many stylized plants and animals; not many people. Curves, ellipses and spirals are also used. They usually were made into intricate geometric patterns. That were found on shields, bowls, jewelry and even pottery. Once Christianity took hold in Ireland, the Celtic designs combined with Christian designs on religious pieces.

913-1 Celtic Mermaid: Celtic tradition is rich in imaginative tales and mythology from leprechauns, to pots of gold and even mermaids. We make a clay mermaid.

913-2 Potato Putty: How could we study Ireland without mentioning potatoes? Ireland is known for simple hearty food: beef, lamb, soda bread and of course potatoes. But more importantly to Celtic tradition is the village storyteller, or Seanchai. He is gifted at recalling stories and traditions with great detail and presents the stories in an imaginative and entertaining way. Sometimes the stories are historical events passed from generation to generation or sometimes the stories are “tall tales” made up right on the spot. The Seanchai is the keeper of the stories and traditions of Ireland. Hands on creates a Celtic Journal with Potato putty.

913-3 Bodhran (Drum) and Biddle (drumstick); as in many cultures, music is important to the Celtic tradition. A traditional instrument is the Bodhran, in fact it is the oldest musical instrument in Ireland. Here is the Hands On version.

913-4 Illuminated Manuscript: One of the most amazing examples of religious art were the illuminated manuscripts made by the monks. Ours uses a special gold metallic paper.

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