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About Hands On Crafts for Kids!

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Welcome to Hands On Crafts for Kids Television!

Craftsforkids.com is the online home of the Hands On TV show on public television.  “ All kids are creative” and Hands On  provides projects and ideas for kids 7-12 plus parents, teachers, grandparents and group leaders.   We want to make crafting a part of every day life .  Surround yourself with things you make, and make being creative a part of who you are.   We make crafting fun with the added bonus that our projects  reinforce things learned in school.   Projects are perfect for crafting at home, in the classroom, after school programs and even home schooling and of course just to have fun!

Series 1900 NEW! Freshen Up!
Series 1800 Get Creative!
Series 1700: Let’s Bond Together – Creativity Begins at Home!
Series 1600: The Artist In You!
Series 1500: More Crafting Every Day projects
Series 1400: Crafting Every Day
Series 1300: Crafts around the World 2
Series 1200: Living Things
Series  1110: Skills for Life
Series 1000: Back to Basics
Series 900: Cultural Traditions of the Islands
Series 800: 5,4,3,2,1 – 5 projects, 5 steps, 5 ingredients
Series 700: Crafting in the USA
Series 600: Back In Time
Series 500: Camp Hands On
Series 400: Crafts Around The Earth
Series 300: Crafting Together
Series 200: Crafts Around The World 1
Series 100: Curriculum Crafts


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