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Public TV List

Hands on crafts for kids is the resource for kids craft projects and instructions  for kids 6-12 and parents, teachers and other group leaders. It includes   school and curriculum based projects,  multi cultural projects, and every day, holiday and seasonal ideas. It is  the online home of the public television program Hands On Crafts for kids.

Market Channel
Albuquerque KENWDT3
Billings KBGSDT2
Binghamton WSKGDT3
Boston WGBXDT4
Bowling Green WKYUDT
Butte-Bozeman, MT KUSMDT2
Charlotte WUNEDT3
Charlotte WUNGDT2
Cincinnati WPTODT3
Columbus WOUBDT2
Denver KBDIDT2
Elmira WSKADT3
Evansville WNINL
Fargo-Valley City KCGEDT4
Fargo-Valley City KFMEDT4
Fargo-Valley City KJREDT4
Fargo-Valley City KMDEDT4
Ft. Smith, AR KAFTDT3
Great Falls KUGFDT2
Greensboro WUNLDT2
Greenville-New Bern WUNKDT2
Greenville-New Bern WUNMDT3
Greenvll-Spartan WUNFDT2
Greenvll-Spartan WUNWDT3
Helena KUHMDT2
Idaho Falls KISUDT
Idaho Falls KISUDT2
Jonesboro KTEJDT3
Las Vegas KLVX-JAC
Little Rock, AR KEMVDT3
Little Rock, AR KETGDT3
Little Rock, AR KETSDT3
Market Channel
Minneapolis KAWBDT
Minneapolis KAWEDT
Minot-Bismarck KBMEDT4
Minot-Bismarck KDSEDT4
Minot-Bismarck KSREDT4
Minot-Bismarck KWSEDT4
Missoula KUFMDT2
Missoula KUKLDT2
Monroe-El Dorado KETZDT3
Myrtle Beach WUNUDT2
New Orleans WLAEDT
New Orleans WLAEDT2
Norfolk WUNDDT2
Orlando WDSCDT
Orlando WEFSDT
Philadelphia WYBEDT
Raleigh-Durham UNCKID
Raleigh-Durham WUNCDT2
Raleigh-Durham WUNPDT3
Rochester, NY WXXIDT
Salt Lake City KUENDT
San Francisco KCSMDT
San Francisco KRCBDT
Spokane KCDTDT
Spokane KCDTDT2
Spokane KUIDDT
Spokane KUIDDT2
Springfield-Holyoke WGBYDT3
Syracuse WCNYII
Toledo WGTEDT2
Topeka KTWUDT3
Tucson KUASDT2
Tucson KUASDT3
Tucson KUATDT2
Tucson KUATDT3
Twin Falls KIPTDT
Twin Falls KIPTDT2
Watertown WNPIDT
Watertown WPBSDT
Wichita, KS KDCKDT
Wichita, KS KDCKDT2
Wichita, KS KOODDT
Wichita, KS KOODDT2
Wichita, KS KPTSDT
Wichita, KS KSWKDT
Wichita, KS KSWKDT2
Wichita, KS KWKSDT
Wichita, KS KWKSDT2
Wilmington WUNJDT2

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