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Projects - Series 100 - Curriculum Crafts

Itty Bitty Red Hand Plastic Canvas Whirler Itty bitty Yellow Hand Renuzit Clown
Itty bitty Yellow Hand Color Wheel Itty Bitty Blue Hand Seed Topiary
Itty Bitty Blue Hand Cookie Cutter Stamping Itty Bitty Green Hand Spider
Itty Bitty Green Hand Dream Catchers Itty Bitty Red Hand Spoon Puppets
Itty Bitty Red HandFar Out Scenery Itty bitty Yellow Hand Stained Glass
Itty bitty Yellow Hand Milk Carton Birdhouse Itty Bitty Blue Hand Stenciling
Itty Bitty Blue Hand On Stage Itty Bitty Green Hand T-Riffic Stamps
Itty Bitty Green Hand Punch Quilt Flag Itty Bitty Red HandTree of Life Paper Quilt
Itty Bitty Red Hand The Solar System Itty bitty Yellow Hand Upright Insects
Itty bitty Yellow Hand Recycled Stationery



Itty Bitty Green Hand Crafty Word Search Puzzle Itty Bitty Red Hand Pony Bead Halloween

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Hands on crafts for kids is the resource for kids craft projects and instructions  for kids 6-12 and parents, teachers and other group leaders. It includes   school and curriculum based projects,  multi cultural projects, and every day, holiday and seasonal ideas. It is  the online home of the public television program Hands On Crafts for kids.
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