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Projects - Series 1100 - Skills For Life

Show 1101
Itty Bitty Blue Hand1101-1 Plastic Cup Bug Lantern Itty Bitty Green Hand1101-2 Painting Project – Fancy Birdhouse
Itty bitty Yellow Hand1101-3 Seeds of Friendship Itty Bitty Blue Hand1101-4 Butterfly Box
Show 1102
Itty Bitty Red Hand1102-1 Sit Upon Itty bitty Yellow Hand1102-2 Bird Feeder
Itty Bitty Green Hand1102-3 3-D Iguana Itty Bitty Red Hand1102-4 Terra Cotta Plant Holder
Show 1103
Itty Bitty Blue Hand1103-1 Mailbox Itty Bitty Green Hand1103-2 Clay Pendant
Itty bitty Yellow Hand1103-3 Marbelized Paper Cards Itty Bitty Blue Hand1103-4 Desk Blotter
Show 1104
Itty Bitty Red Hand1104-1 Baking Basics – Measuring Techniques Itty bitty Yellow Hand1104-2 Iris Folded Apple
Itty Bitty Green Hand1104-3 Baking Basics – Banana Mini Muffin Recipe Itty Bitty Red Hand1104-4 Clay Plant Markers
Show 1105
Itty Bitty Blue Hand1105-1 Jewelry Screen Itty Bitty Green Hand1105-2 French Memo Board
Itty bitty Yellow Hand1105-3 Bug Memo Board Itty Bitty Blue Hand1105-4 Personalized Drawer Knobs
Show 1106
Itty Bitty Red Hand1106-1 Magnetic Car Game Itty bitty Yellow Hand1106-2 Crochet Basics 2
Itty Bitty Green Hand1106-3 Gum Wrapper Card/Fortune Teller Itty Bitty Red Hand1106-4 Crochet Projects
Show 1107
Itty Bitty Blue Hand1107-1 Rolled Paper Frame Itty Bitty Green Hand1107-2 Hand Sewing
Itty bitty Yellow Hand1107-3 Fun with Color Pillow Cases Itty Bitty Blue Hand1107-4 Cell Phone Case
Show 1108
Itty Bitty Red Hand1108-1 Hedgehog Pet Paper Weight Itty bitty Yellow Hand1108-2 Machine Sewing
Itty Bitty Green Hand1108-3 Paper Lantern Itty Bitty Red Hand1108-4 Recycle T-Shirt Backpack/Tote
Show 1109
Itty Bitty Blue Hand1109-1 Dominoes to Go! Itty Bitty Green Hand1109-2 Knitting Basics 2
Itty bitty Yellow Hand1109-3 Chalkboard Binder Itty Bitty Blue Hand1109-3 Knitting Project
Show 1110
Itty Bitty Red Hand1110-1 Photo Mug Itty bitty Yellow Hand1110-2 Pen Basics
Itty Bitty Green Hand1110-3 Window Card Itty Bitty Red Hand1110-4 Stretch Friendship Bracelets
Show 1111
Itty Bitty Blue Hand1111-1 Vacation Wheel Album/Journal Itty Bitty Green Hand1111-2 Plastic Lacing Basics
Itty bitty Yellow Hand1111-3 Pattern Postcards Itty Bitty Blue Hand1111-3 Backpack Key Chain
Show 1112
Itty Bitty Red Hand1112-1 Locker Corkboard Itty bitty Yellow Hand1112-2 Sweets Treasure Box
Itty Bitty Green Hand1112-3 Textbook Cover Itty Bitty Red Hand1112-4 Pencil Toppers
Show 1113
Itty Bitty Blue Hand1113-1 Tie Dyed Sox Itty Bitty Green Hand1113-2 “I support” Zipper & Shoe Charms
Itty bitty Yellow Hand1113-3 Magic Fold Sport Wallet Itty Bitty Blue Hand1113-4 Team Spirit Pennant
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Hands on crafts for kids is the resource for kids craft projects and instructions  for kids 6-12 and parents, teachers and other group leaders. It includes   school and curriculum based projects,  multi cultural projects, and every day, holiday and seasonal ideas. It is  the online home of the public television program Hands On Crafts for kids.
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