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Projects - Series 1000 - Back To Basics

Show 1001
Itty Bitty Blue Hand 1001-1 Shape Flowers Itty Bitty Green Hand1001-2 Clay Basics
Itty bitty Yellow Hand1001-3 Painting Basics - Choosing A Surface Itty Bitty Blue Hand1001-4 Clay Teddy Bear
Itty Bitty Red Hand1001-5 Tessellation Picture
Show 1002
Itty bitty Yellow Hand1002-1 Mosaic Frame Itty Bitty Green Hand1002-2 Plastic Lacing Basics
Itty Bitty Red Hand1002-3 Painting Basics - Prepping Wood Surfaces Itty Bitty Blue Hand1002-4 School Spirit Key Chain
Itty Bitty Green Hand 1002-5 Paper Bead Necklace
Show 1003
Itty bitty Yellow Hand 1003-1 Perpetual Calendar Itty Bitty Blue Hand 1003-2 Painting Basics - Basic Tools
Itty Bitty Red Hand 1003-3 Sun Calendar Itty bitty Yellow Hand 1003-4 Painting Basics - Choosing A Brush
Itty Bitty Green Hand 1003-5 Moon Phase Planting Guide and Fan Calendar
Show 1004
Itty Bitty Red Hand 1004-1 Star Windsock Itty Bitty Blue Hand1004-2 Knitting Basics
Itty Bitty Green Hand 1004-3 Painting Basics - Types of Paint Itty bitty Yellow Hand 1004-4 Super Easy Knit Belt/Scarf/Shrug
Itty Bitty Blue Hand 1004-5 Four Seasons Tiles
Show 1005
Itty Bitty Red Hand1005-1 Lava Glow Globe Itty bitty Yellow Hand 1005-2 Jewelry Making Basics
Itty Bitty Green Hand 1005-3 Painting Basics - How To Transfer A Pattern Itty Bitty Red Hand1005-4 Magic Mold
Itty Bitty Blue Hand 1005-5 Jewelry Project
Show 1006
Itty Bitty Green Hand 1006-1 Stained Glass Tiles Itty bitty Yellow Hand1006-2 Cutting Basics
Itty Bitty Blue Hand1006-3 Painting Basics - Painting On Fabric Itty Bitty Red Hand1006-4 Initial Card
Itty bitty Yellow Hand 1006-5 Back Pack Tags
Show 1007
Itty Bitty Green Hand 1007-1 Family Photo Blocks Itty Bitty Red Hand1007-1a Princess Sign Board
Itty Bitty Blue Hand1007-2 Scrapbook Basics Itty Bitty Green Hand 1007-3 Painting Basics - Brush Strokes and Calligraphy
Itty bitty Yellow Hand 1007-4a Family Fun Page Itty Bitty Blue Hand1007-4b Sun & Flower Scrapbook Page
Itty Bitty Red Hand1007-5 My Family Scrapbook  
Show 1008
Itty bitty Yellow Hand 1008-1 How Many Days Countdown Itty Bitty Green Hand 1008-2 Crochet Basics
Itty Bitty Red Hand1008-3 Painting Basics - Shading & Highlighting - Creating Depth and Form Itty Bitty Blue Hand1008-4 Super Easy Crochet Belt/Scarf/Shrug
Itty Bitty Green Hand 1008-5 Wood Clock  
Show 1009
Itty bitty Yellow Hand 1009-1 Initial Tin Itty Bitty Blue Hand1009-2 Wood Basics
Itty Bitty Red Hand1009-3 Paiting Basics - Finishing Itty bitty Yellow Hand 1009-4a Soccer Clipboard
Itty Bitty Green Hand 1009-4b Troop Number Wood Clipboard Itty Bitty Red Hand1009-5 Mosaic Flower Paper Collage
Show 1010
Itty Bitty Blue Hand1010-1 Butterfly Card Itty Bitty Green Hand 1010-2 Makin's® Clay Basics
Itty bitty Yellow Hand 1010-3 Painting Basics - Stains Itty Bitty Blue Hand1010-4 Makin's® Clay Basics
Itty Bitty Red Hand1010-5 Bead Project  
Show 1011
Itty bitty Yellow Hand 1011-1 Batik Eagle T-Shirt or Appliqué Itty Bitty Green Hand 1011-2 Styrofoam® Basics
Itty Bitty Red Hand1011-3 Painting Basics - Floating Technique Itty Bitty Blue Hand1011-4 Paper Maché Basics
Itty Bitty Green Hand 1011-5 Turkey Favor Box  
Show 1012
Itty bitty Yellow Hand 1012-1 Music Mobile Itty Bitty Blue Hand1012-2 Adhesives
Itty Bitty Red Hand1012-3 Merry Maracas Itty bitty Yellow Hand 1012-4 Painting Basics - Faux Finishes
Itty Bitty Green Hand 1012-5 Door Harp
Show 1013
Itty Bitty Red Hand1013-1 String Art Ornaments Itty Bitty Blue Hand1013-2 Paper Maché Basics
Itty bitty Yellow Hand 1013-3 Painting Basics - How To Use The Color Wheel - Paint With A Plan Itty bitty Yellow Hand 1014-4 Bead Box
Itty Bitty Green Hand 1013-5 Mr. Build A Face
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