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Projects - Series 1300 - Crafts Around The World

Show 1301 - Peru
Itty Bitty Blue Hand1301-1 Scarlet Macaw Itty Bitty Green Hand1301-2 Peruvian Bead Necklace
Itty bitty Yellow Hand1301-3 Felted Pouch Itty Bitty Blue Hand1301-4 Embossed Foil Sun
Show 1302 - Italy
Itty Bitty Red Hand1302-1 Majolica Dimensional Decoupage Itty bitty Yellow Hand1302-2 Cathedral Window Paper Quilt
Itty Bitty Green Hand1302-3 Italian Marble Frame Itty Bitty Red Hand1302-4 Roman Micromosaic
Show 1303 - Canada
Itty Bitty Blue Hand1303-1 Totem Pole Itty Bitty Green Hand1303-2 Friendship Story Hide
Itty bitty Yellow Hand1303-3 Inukshuk Itty Bitty Blue Hand1303-4 Pine Cone Repoussé
Show 1304 - USA
Itty Bitty Red Hand1304-1 Red, White and Blue Eagle Wall Art Itty bitty Yellow Hand1304-2 American Quilt Squares Wall Hanging
Itty Bitty Green Hand1304-3 Rain Stick Itty Bitty Red Hand1304-4 Pony Bead Corn Cob
Show 1305 - Australia
Itty Bitty Blue Hand1305-1 Koala Bear Hug Magnet Itty Bitty Green Hand1305-2a Cave Painting
Itty Bitty Red Hand1305-2b Boomerang Itty bitty Yellow Hand1305-3 Wooly Sheep
Itty Bitty Blue Hand1305-4 Aboriginal Punched Bolo Tie/Coaster
Show 1306 - Japan
Itty Bitty Red Hand1306-1 Temari Ball Itty bitty Yellow Hand1306-2 Bonsai Tree
Itty Bitty Green Hand1306-3 Origami Fish Itty Bitty Red Hand1306-4 Porcelain Butterfly
Show 1307 - China
Itty Bitty Blue Hand1307-1 Chinese Ming Vase Itty Bitty Green Hand1307-2 Paper Cutting
Itty bitty Yellow Hand1307-3 Dragon Mask Itty Bitty Blue Hand1307-4 Dragon Dance Stick
Show 1308 - Russia
Itty Bitty Red Hand1308-1 Onion Dome Architecture Itty bitty Yellow Hand1308-2 Nesting Owls
Itty Bitty Green Hand1308-3 Russian Folk Tale Lacquer Box Itty Bitty Red Hand1308-4 Fabergé Eggs
Show 1309 - India
Itty Bitty Blue Hand1309-1 Peacock Feather Batik T-Shirt Itty Bitty Green Hand1309-2 Elephant Festival Batik Gift Card
Itty bitty Yellow Hand1309-3 Lotus Ornament Itty Bitty Blue Hand1309-4 Foil Frame
Show 1310 - Mexico
Itty Bitty Red Hand1310-1 Huichol Art Itty bitty Yellow Hand1310-2 Ojo-De-Dios Wall Hanging
Itty Bitty Green Hand1310-3 Banderas – Paperl Picado Mexican Banner Paper Itty Bitty Red Hand1310-4 Paper Blooms
Show 1311 - Ghana
Itty Bitty Blue Hand1311-1 Ashanti Stool Itty Bitty Green Hand1311-2 Wood Beads
Itty bitty Yellow Hand1311-3 Woven Jute Basket Itty Bitty Blue Hand1311-4 Mancala
Show 1312 - Egypt
Itty Bitty Red Hand1312-1 Pyramid Itty bitty Yellow Hand1312-2 Pharaoh’s Cobra Headdress
Itty Bitty Green Hand1312-3 COBRA SNAKE Itty Bitty Red Hand1312-4 EGYPTIAN HIEROGLYPHICS
Show 1313 - Scotland
Itty Bitty Blue Hand1313-1 Castle Tower Keeps Itty Bitty Green Hand1313-2 Wristies
Itty bitty Yellow Hand1313-3 TARTAN PLAID PILLOW Itty Bitty Blue Hand1313-4 CELTIC KNOT KEY RING
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Hands on crafts for kids is the resource for kids craft projects and instructions  for kids 6-12 and parents, teachers and other group leaders. It includes   school and curriculum based projects,  multi cultural projects, and every day, holiday and seasonal ideas. It is  the online home of the public television program Hands On Crafts for kids.
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